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 "Masscomizer X" air-driven type MMX-L2000AR

Air-driven type MMX-L2000AR


No need of electric power ; anti-explosion application.

It can be used in the anti-explosion area because it is solely air- driven.

Such a small quantity as 10ml can be processed.

Single shot operation is possible, because single cycle mode is available. Processing movement can be controlled by push-button switches though it is air driven.

Cycle motion intervals are adjustable.

This adjustment is possible in case of small quantity processing, even if air-compressor capacity is small.


Rated processing pressure 200Mpa
Max. processed volume (average) 167ml/min
Plunger diameter 10mm
Plunger stroke Max 50mm
Driving method Air driven (by user's supply)
Motor ---
Min. sample required quantity 10ml
Air supply more than 640 NL/min
Max. in-put particle size 30um(less than 10um is recommended)
External machine dimensions W 600 x D 300 x H 424
Machine weight 67kg
Cooling water 5L/min in the case of optional heat exchanger supplied

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