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Product name
Raw material
1 marrow remulsion
( bone paste )
bones of animal (chicken,pig,cow,etc.) and fishes,shells of crabs and lobsters,and the like gyoza (fried dumpling stuffed with minced pork),shao-mai,Ham-burger steak,meat ball,sausage,salami wet form trituration
2 raw gelatin raw pig skin stripped with steam,inner skin of sow sausage wet form trituration
3 corn soup corn instant soup, canned soup wet form trituration
4 ground sesame seeds sesame seeds food, drinking,cookiea wet form trituration
pasty to roughly ground
5 vegetable or fruit paste pr juics carrot, onion, potato, celery, mugwort, tomato, apple, peach, green peas raw material for sauce,health food,cookies wet form trituration

Peanut butter
Coconut butter

peanut, coconut seasoning, cookies wet form trituration
7 bean curd, soy milk, okara(bean curd refuse) soy bean,bean curd refuse food, drinking,cookies wet form trituration
okara paste having a size under 70μ
8 rice flour,refined rice flour rice,glutinous rice food wet form trituration
soaked in water
9 sea weeds sea tangle,wakame sea weed,agar-agar seasoning,food,cookies wet form trituration
10 powdered tea green tea drinking,material for processed food (such as tea-buckwheat noodles and tea-dumping) ca.5μm size,
dry form trituration
11 bean jam azuki bean food wet form trituration
12 cheese,butter,
cheese,butter highly homogenized peate or fine emulsion wet form trituration
13 mustard, horseradish, Japanese horseradish paste mustard, horseradish, Japanese horseradish spice filled in tube or container wet form trituration
14 Chili sauce, Tabasco red pepper seasoning wet form trituration
15 ginger paste,
garlic paste
chips of ginger or garlic spice filled in tube or container wet form trituration
16 Guinea pepper pasts seeds,calyces or whole of Guinea spice filled in tube or container wet form trituration
17 unrefined soy sauce or dripping, unrefined sake paste unrefined soy sauce, unrefined sake, sake lees dripping for grilled chicken, amazake (sweet drink made from fermented rice), vegetables pickled in sake less wet form trituration
18 Glass small powder scrap Stained glass (color) dry form trituration
19 ultrafine poeder of new ceramic coarse powder of new ceramic ----- dry form trituration
20 ultrafine powder of zeolite coarse powder of zeolite adsorbent dry form trituration
21 Teflon powder chips or flash of Teflon secondary raw material wet form trituration
22 ultrafine powder of carbon or activated carbon coarse carbon or activated carbon powder ----- wet form trituration
23 rubber powder coarse powder of hard rubber filler wet form trituration
24 hair cut hair ----- wet form trituration
25 herb medicine fennel, cassis bark, antler, snake medicine dry form trituration
26 ultrafine penicillin powder coarse penicillin powder medicine dry form trituration
27 bone powder animal bones, fish bones food, health food dry form trituration
28 ointment ----- highly diffused, homogenized ointment wet form trituration
29 rouge, cream pigment, medical cream highly homogenized products wet form trituration
30 composite fuel containing heavy oil, charcoal fuel wet form trituration
31 Solve the fiber of natural cellulose
32 Solve the fiber of the collagen
33 Solve the fiber of a natural high polymer