Professional manufacturer of grinding equipment and grinding equipment.

Quality management system standards: ISO9001

"Our Quality Policy"

We shall contribute to the world growth by our grinding technology: enhancing welfare of everybody who collaborates with us in such contribution, and pursuing customers's satisfaction, which are our management principle. We shall attach importance to improving our management quality, and promote following activities:
  1. We shall recognize our grinding technology as the nucleus of our machines, and promoting marketability of them: thus we shall have "Masuko" bland penetrate into the world.
  2. We shall devote ourselves to participating in the market by creating customers' really requiring value.
  3. We shall encourage standardization, and well-harmonized systematic activities so that we may attain customers' satisfaction in the world by our products or services: for this purpose we elaborate our products and services making best of employees' individual abilities.
  4. In order to make employees' potential abilities tangible, we shall promote safety and cheerful mood in our premises, and shall bring up employees who are well-determined to take on a challenge up difficult things.

We declare to customers that we comply with ISO 9001.
We tackle "pursuit of CS (customers' satisfaction)" which is our management principle, and keep efforts on improving our management quality.

We consider it a crucial matter that we are able to have our customers satisfied with our products or services. In this regard, we prevent our products and service from disobeying Quality Management System by means of which we implement "managing important process done by each depart-ment", and "continuous iprovement thereof", etc. We head for becoming an organization by implementing and maintaining an active and continuous Quality Management System, who can meet customers' expectations, improve management quality, and provide reliable products and services.

March 2000, acquired certification and got registered for ISO 9001qualified by JSA (Japan Standerds Association).

March 2003, acquired and got registered again ISO 9001 :2000 (JIS Q9001:2000)