Professional manufacturer of grinding equipment and grinding equipment.

Certification and Registration for ISO9001

MASUCO SANGYO CO.,LTD. acquired certification and get registered for ISO 9001 in March 2000,and acquired again for ISO 9001: 2000 version in March 2009.

In Related information page, quoted is an article named "ISO 9000 certification case study series" is "Standardization and Quality Control" (Vol.53, Aug.2000) in which the story how we came to acquire the certification is described.

Registration body JSA 
(Japan Standard Association)
Registration No. JSAQ 750
Applicable Standards ISO 9001:2000
(JIS Q 9001:2000)
Registration range

Design and production of Grinding Machines,Grindstones for Grinding
Machines,Granulators,and related equipment for Foodstuffs, Spices, Industrial Materials,Medication, Cosmetics and others; after-sales services thereof including operation supervision, repairs and so on; Grindstone reshapeing