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 "Masscomizer X" Electromotive type MMX L200-D10

Electromotive type MMX L200-D10

Processing is possible for such small quantity as 6ml.

Only 6ml of material can be processed thanks to the short processing route. Less material contact parts reduce material cost, as well as shorten time for disassembling and cleaning.

LCD ( touch panel ) enables stress-free operation.

The LCD can be so tilted that you may operate easily, and see clearly. In addition, an extremely small amount of sampling is possible thanks to the in-put/ out-put quantity adjustable device.

200Mpa processing by electromotive operation.

Maximum processing pressure 200Mpa is supplied by the electromotive method. Models operated with AC 100V power supply are included in our product range. Moreover, you do not need to prepare extra electric power supply devices.

Special specifications are applicable.

Thanks to its electromotive method, two units of this device can be so synchronized as to discharge products simultaneously. Thus, two kinds of liquid products are processed and mixed simultaneously, and the mixing ratio is adjustable. (Simultaneous operating system is option and supplied with additional cost)

Rated processing pressure 200Mpa
Max. processed volume (average) 107ml/min
Plunger diameter 10mm
Plunger stroke Max 50mm
Driving method Servomotor + ball screw
Motor 0.75kw, 3P, 200V
Min. sample required quantity 6ml
Air supply Not required
Max. in-put particle size 30um(less than 10um is recommended)
External machine dimensions W 535 x D 349 x H 517
Machine weight 38kg
Cooling water 5L/min in the case of optional heat exchanger supplied.

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