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 "Masscomizer X" Built-up type MMX-BP-200-05DX1

Built-up type production machine For industrial use MMX-BP-200-05DX1


By combined operation, MMX-BP-200-05DX1 matches flexibly to various materials and various applications, and also to small production and huge production.

Independent operation of each combined unit is possible.

Independent or combined operation is possible at the operator's discretion.

Maintenance is possible with every single unit.

Even when a certain unit stops for the maintenance purpose, the other units can be operated for production.

The whole machine can be controlled by operating only the principal unit.

Data from the principal unit can be shared among all units.

Full-automatic pump unit.

Every plunger of all combined units can be controlled automatically, and simultaneously.



Rated processing pressure 200Mpa
Max. processed volume (average) 830ml/min
Plunger diameter 20mm
Plunger stroke Max 95mm
Driving method Servomotor + ball screw
Motor 11kw, 3P, 200V
Min. sample required quantity 400 ml
Air supply Not required
Max. in-put particle size Max 50μm (less than 10μm is recommended)
External machine dimensions W 600 x D 1600 x H 1195
Machine weight 500 kg
Cooling water 5L~20L/min for heat exchange. 2L~5L for plunger cooling.

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