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Media-less hyper fine micronizer  "Masscomizer X"

MMX has the generator that consists own unique structure, and it processes emulsification, dispersion, and crushing.

Small/light weight/low noise

Since MMX is small, light weight, and low noise, it is suitable for placing it anywhere in the factory.

MMX corresponds to various shapes of generators

A generator part can be connected easily to the high pressure head, and therefore, generators of various types and the latest model can be connected.

Disassembling and washing are easy

The high pressure headset is designed to be disassembled and washed easily. If there is an extra of a set, you can process different raw materials in a short time, and it makes efficient processing is possible.

Processing example

sample purpose disperse medium processing pressure
The processing number of times Average particle size(nm)
Liposome emulsification water 200
Fat emulsion emulsification water 150 3 64
amino acid ceramide emulsification water 150 10 70

crystals(Medical supplies)

crushing water 150 200 360
Aloejiru#200 dispersion water 150
Aloejiru Alumina dispersion water 50 3 99
titania ST-01 dispersion water 200 10 72
titania ST-21 dispersion water 50 5 74
copper phthalocyanine dispersion water 180 50 Less tan 50
wax dispersion water 200 10 65
Measuring equipment of particle size: Beckman LS-13320(0.04-2,000ľm) Average particle size is not an arrival limit.

Guidance about testing

Test RoomMasuko Sangyo has an exclusive laboratory for MMX, and we accept test request.

Test Room