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2020.10 GZ CUTTER Debut!

2020.7 Bone Crusher

2017.10 New Chop cutter Debut!

2015.06 Cutter-Mill Debut!

2015.01 SupermasscolloiderMKZA10-15JⅣ Debut!

2014.12 Add Supermasscolloider MKCA6-5 and Smart-meister MKCA6-5JM to Products

2012.03 Masuko's 90th anniversary mascot "MAX"debut.

2011.11 CEREN MILLER DAU Debut!

2011.02  Updated Products Video & Company Video.

2010.09 Website renewal

2010.05 moving image of Tritulation

2009.07  Debut of the Multi functional mill !!

98th anniversary.Thank you.

We continue trying to develop nanotechnology
in the field of ultra-fine friction grinding.

  <Our Management Policy>

Contribute to the world with friction grinding technique, as well as enhance everybody's welfare who is related to our service.

90th anniversary mascot MAX &95th anniversary mascot MIRAI  

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