Professional manufacturer of grinding equipment and grinding equipment.

100th anniversary. Thank you.

We continue trying to develop nanotechnology
in the field of ultra-fine friction grinding.

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Contribute to the world with friction grinding technique, as well as enhance everybody's welfare who is related to our service.

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90th anniversary mascot MAX &95th anniversary mascot MIRAI

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What's new

2022.06 Virtual exhibition site opened

2021.08 Self-circulation type Supermasscolloider

2020.10 GZ CUTTER Debut!

2020.07 Bone Crusher

2017.10 New Chop cutter Debut!

2015.06 Cutter-Mill Debut!

2015.01 SupermasscolloiderMKZA10-15JⅣ Debut!

2014.12 Add Supermasscolloider MKCA6-5 and Smart-meister MKCA6-5JM to Products

2012.03 Masuko's 90th anniversary mascot "MAX"debut.

2011.11 CEREN MILLER DAU Debut!

2010.09 Website renewal

2010.05 moving image of Tritulation

2009.07  Debut of the Multi functional mill !!