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New Chop cutter MKYC-7.5



Masuko's "New chopper cutter" chops large size raw material into chopped size products. Large size raw material can be fed directly to the machine. The input raw material is instantly chipped by multiple knives of different shapes to obtain well-formed particles.

(Example : Whole cabbage → Chopped cabbage)

It also has excellent sanitary properties, making it easy to disassemble and assemble. Not only in hygienic and easy to handle, it is excellent in corrosion resistance and chemical resistance and ot can be used for crushing foods, pharmaceuticals and chemical products.


Application example

  • You can feed large raw materials such as cabbage and can be chopped into well-shaped particles.
  • Excellent sanitary properties and can be used in the field of pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Ideal for waste reduction


Model MKYC-7.5
Motor 5.5Kw , 4P
Cutter Φ430mm 3pieces
Standard capacity
External dimentions W740×L1420×H1660mm
Weight 250kg