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Self-circulation type Supermasscolloider

Circulation system

In the past, when trying to obtain under micron class ultrafine particles, the operator could not leave the site because grinding was repeated many times while fine-adjustment the equipment. The "self-circulation type grinder" equipped with the newly developed "self-pumping function" can obtain the target particles by simply turning on the switch. When the raw materials is fed, the operation starts in the "coarse grinding mode" and switches to the "fine mode" at the preset timing. Delicate clearance and rotation speed control are all automatic. When the specified process is completed, it automatically stops and issues an alarm to notify the end of operation. There are also settings for automatic discharge and automatic cleaning functions (option). In addition, since the grinding chamber is filled with the processed material does not come into contact with air and there is almost no deterioration in quality. The main body design of the new mechanism that does not cause retention has realized epoch-making performance with no unevenness in the particle size distribution



Compact design for laboratory and low volume production, easy to disassemble and assemble. By supplying chiller water to the jacket part, the product temperature can be lowered significantly, so higher quality products can be made.


Motor 3.7Kw , 3phase
Grinder diameter  Φ150mm
Amount of preparation at one time 1 batch 5Kg
External dimensions W×L×H 700× 1200× 1300mm
Weight 230kg


In the case of CNF, a batch of 20 to 30 kg of raw material slurry is defibrated into ultrafine particles of 200 to 300 nanometers in about 1 hour. Since it can be automated (option) from raw material supply to discharge and cleaning, it can be fully used for production.


Model MKZA10-20CJMⅣ
Motor 15Kw , 3phase
Grinder diameter Φ250mm
Amount of preparation at one time 1 batch 20Kg
External dimensions W×L×H 685× 1050× 1500mm
Weight 300kg