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"Supermasscolloider"  Small production machine  MKZA10-15Ⅳ


The most popular small production models,taking up as little installation space as one square meter.
All models feature jackets to accommodate cooling and heating applications. They treat a wide range of raw inputs from low to high viscosity mterials.
(Screw feeders are optionally available for highly viscous materils.)



Model MKZA8-10JⅣ MKZA10-15JⅣ MKZA12-20JⅣ
Motor 7.5〜15Kw, 3phase
Rotation speed 1500r.p.m.(50Hz) 1800r.p.m.(60Hz)
Grinder diameter Φ200mm Φ250mm Φ300mm
Standard capacity(Wet) 35〜600Kg/Hr 80〜1200Kb/Hr 140〜2000Kg/Hr
Weight 220Kg 250Kg 300Kg

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